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Transcending attitude programme

“Brings a new perspective”

“The entire training session has brought a completely new prospective to the way I have been living my life. In the usual grind. I tend to lose touch with a lot of things which are as of basic human qualities. This training had me introspecting into my own behavior, questioning when and where did I become what I am. It’s made me realize that I need to be more human. It will definitely change the way I will react to my own family, my colleagues and my customers. It’s also helping me evaluate my emotions which sometimes get buried in the daily grind. My pre-conceived notions about people will go for a toss. Thanks to this training.”

Participant: Reena Vasu

Location: Thane

“Changed my style of thinking”

“I can now think with a positive attitude in everything. In my mind, I can do the things which I want to. I can understand control emotions, feelings and become a better human being. I always used to hesitate to put my ideas and thoughts, and always in my mind used to rewind how the other person would react but through training I learnt that nothing is impossible. I have attended so many training programs in my 12 years’ of experience but this is the first time I met a person who has changed my style of thinking and my personality.”

Participant: Vrushali S. Wavhal

Location: Thane

“I have started taking things positively”

“Now I have started taking everything and everybody and feel positive. I have started looking deep into the situations, because I want to live my life as a person alive. The workshop was arranged in such a systematic sequence, that the steps made us understand that life is not as difficult as we think. The trainer is a person who made everyone aware off their inner strength by giving examples and live scenarios.”

Participant: Fazeel Momin

Location: Thane

“Developed a positive attitude”

The changes I felt in myself were - the way I started thinking about situations, and the way I started thinking about other people. I began to develop positive attitude towards every aspect of my life. I learnt to appreciate myself as well as others. I liked the program content specially the parts which helped me - to change the attitude, to be a good listener, to be happy, to develop good communication, and to be aware of my attitude. The trainer was very calm and full of patience, energy and conveyed the program through simple messages.”

Participant: Anuja R Shirsat

Location: Thane

“Improved communication skills and became more positive”

“I am feeling more confident and my attitude has changed. I have become more positive. My communication skill at my place of work have improved. The program model is very good as it names very specific points and has content in a lucid sequence which is relevant. I enjoy the practical’s which we had in the sessions. The trainer is very good and he share his real-time experience and explains the points with lots of good examples.”

Participant: Chitra Sonawame

Location: Thane

“Now positive towards life, relationships and work”

The program helped me feel more confident and positive towards life, relationships and work. It will definitely will help me deal with day to day situations more positively and find a creative solution for problems. The content was apt and appropriate for the target audience. The training sessions were excellent with valuable lessons and real life examples and helped us to introspect within ourselves.”

Participant: Jayamary Mudawar

Location: Thane

“Felt positive and learnt how to be passionate”

I felt positive in me after the completion of the workshop. I learnt how to be passionate and how to communicate effectively. I really liked the topics related to - Transcending Attitude, Personality development, How to treat people and How to win the trust. The trainer was very energetic, charming, down to earth person.

Participant: Dinesh Kumar Mahendran

Location: Thane

“Feeling very confident”

“I am feeling now very confident and have changes in my attitude. I respect others emotions and don’t go only on assumptions. Saying “Thank You” to every person makes me feel good. The design of program was good and the activities are interesting. The trainer was very confident and experienced and we were inspired and motivated by him.

Participant: Sarita Gupta

Location: Thane

“Changes in my attitude and the ability to control my emotions”

“I felt changes in myself, changes is my attitude, and in controlling my emotions. I got to know the importance of listening and communication skills and how to deal with customers in an effective manner. It really built confidence in us. Overall the program content was very interesting training with lots of activities, interesting stories, live examples, and slides shown. It was really an effective one. It really built a confident in us. The trainer explained things so nicely using beautiful quotes, saying stories, giving live examples to make the sessions really fantastic. His energy level was very good. His presentation, voice modulation and all was really very good, I mean excellent…”

Participant: Nishima G Shetty

Location: Thane

“Big changes and positive thinking”

“I felt there were lots of the changes in my life e.g. I learnt positive thinking and how to understand the feelings of others. I also learnt to help people when they were in bad situations. Also, learning how to be happy and make others happy is a big change in my life. The programme content is very well designed and implement. I think this is one of the best parts of this programme. The program has taught me how to change my life. The sessions have completely change my way of thinking.”

Participant: Priya Singh

Location: Thane

“I now keep calm even if everyone is shouting”

“The changes which happened to me after attending this program are: I started listening to others and stopped interrupting. I also started thanking others, I am now calm, even if everyone is shouting. The content of the program was good the presentation and the examples were very nice. The workbooks were provided to us and so it will help us for future reference. Mr. Amitabha was a superb trainer, with excellent knowledge, and he shared some of his good memories with us.”

Participant: Trupti Chavan

Location: Thane

“I am now more positive and handle problems better”

“I am now more positive and handle problems better, I can give my best and I will not lose my temper. The points are covered in training are extremely useful. I like the topics related to attitude change, understanding, emotions and how to resolve and come to the resolution of problems. The trainer explained examples easily and showed us how to link it with our products. The trainer is very positive and that’s why there is a change in our thoughts.”

Participant: Seema Dubey

Location: Thane

“I feel confident, full of energy. There is so much change in my behavior”

“I feel confident, full of energy. “There is so much change in my behavior. I am not getting irate. I have already started doing the things which I learnt in this workshop and I am now getting a different feeling which I cannot explain in words but it’s something good. It helps me to make my relationships perfect. I feel more comfortable with my friends and family members. I will try everything to give my customers better service. The modules provided to us were good and helpful. The trainer was good and his explanations were clear and nice.”

Participant: Faraz Mulla

Location: Thane

“Training program was amazing”

“After attending the training program, I felt change in myself. I will try to be more positive in every situation and I will not allow mind blinders. I will always say, ‘yes I can, I will do.’” The programme content was amazing; it really informs how to resolve our day to day problems. It’s about how to use our emotions in different situations and being positive always. The trainer was one of the best trainer’s I have met in my life. The way of teaching was so good that we automatically participated in the sessions.”

Participant: Jeetu Punjabi

Location: Thane

“The training course I have attended was very useful in my daily work & personnel life. I want to say thanks to the team….”

Majhar Ali

Audi Vadodara - Nixynova Motoren Pvt. Ltd.

Thank you so much for the most interesting and inspiring training! I enjoyed it but and am trying to practice it. Now I feel more confident doing something. It's such a great feeling!

Soniya Christian

Audi Ahmedabad - Nixynova Motoren Pvt. Ltd.

We are pleased to inform you that we have obtained good training on PACE and we got refreshment on activities which should be followed in the workshops without fail for the sake of the customer satisfaction and thereby increasing our WTO.

Vara Prasada Rao Garapati

Sri Sai Durga Motors

The customer building enduring soft skills relationship programme is very helpful in improving customer relationships.

Vivek Bhardwaj

Concorde Motors

“This training program has given valuable lessons to us, thanks for the great training.”

Anuj Bhatnagar

Concorde Motors

“This training program was good, good for personal and professional life.”

Deepak Joshi

Concorde Motors

“The training was useful and fruitful.”


Concorde Motors

“Very interactive session. I have learnt a lot form it and will surely work according to it in future.”

Jyoti Arora

Concorde Motors

“This training is superb for our future.”

Sumit Kapoor

Concorde Motors

“It’s a good training programme to groom skills so that employees give better results.”

Anil Singh Rawat

Concorde Motors

“Very interactive session and useful activities, would like to attend more such training sessions in future.”

Deepa Kakkar

Concorde Motors

“Training is good and helpful for improving our soft skills and achieving our targets.”

Manoj Khareta

Concorde Motors

“Thanks to this program I know my weak and strong points. I ca work on my improvement areas.”

Deepak Jalaf

Concorde Motors

“The training is very good and will help us in all areas of our life.”

Arun Kumar

Concorde Motors

“I want you to know that I sincerely appreciate the great work that you are doing and making a difference to Whirlpool with your actions.”

Atul Donde

Director-Sales Strategy & Development
Whirlpool of India Ltd.

“The training has been of good value addition to the members of the DSE team. I would request you to conduct more OJT modules in the coming months so as to better increase the pace of productivity and gauge the improvement…”

Gaurav Bhattacharya

Territory Sales Manager (LCV Trucks, Buses & Vans)
Tata Motors Ltd

“It is truly delightful to see your commitment level and deep involvement in driving effectiveness. Well done as always.”

Avijit Shastri

Divisional Manager
Tata Motors

“We appreciate your efforts for motivating our staff and Thank you for providing training in our workshop. Kindly visit again.”

Y Suresh

Tata Motors

"Thank you so much; your course was notable. Really informative."

I. Rajender

Tata Motors

“Great. Keep it up.”

Lalit Sharma

Mahindra Group, Bangalore

“Thank you for provided such useful training to our staff ….you built more confidence in them to face day to day customer issues in an appropriate manner.”

Sadiq CVD

Tata Motors

"The training has been an empowering experience for the team, which has enhanced and polished their sales skills. This coupled with the OJT makes it the complete package and the most comprehensive sales training programmme. Thanks and keep it up!"

TSM Mr. Sheel Jain

SCV Cargo KL 2, Tata Motors Ltd.

"I am glad to see a visible difference in the confidence and performance of the DSEs after attending the Drona programme. The programme was engaging and the trainer was well appreciated by the participants and dealership top management.
In the next edition of the programme, I would be glad if product related/competition related information is included.

TSM Mr. Sabin Chandran,

SCV Cargo KL 1, Tata Motors Ltd

"The training provided by you on the pace programme was really good and we will definitely implement the process for the development of our workshop. We appreciate your work and thank you for providing the training to our staff and expect the same kind of trainings in future."


Vishnu Carriers Pvt., Ltd.

"The sales interaction demo with the customers during customer meet was good. The practical was a learning experience for the DSEs present there & it will surely help improve their communication with the customers in day to day affairs. "

These new sessions only add value to the trainings and should be conducted regularly.

Gurpreet Khinda,

MHCV Sales, Dehradun

"I would like to thank Centum Learning and Tata Motors for conducting Drona programme for the team. The team has shown tremendous improvement, and is now capable of handling customers in an organized way to close more deals.
In this competitive world, to stay ahead we need to make our team more aggressive and performance oriented, which was achieved by Drona Programme.
Such trainings should be conducted on a regular basis to improve productivity of the team. "

Sanjeet Suman

Director, Mahakali Motor

"I would really like to thank & appreciate Centum Learning for the time and effort invested in constantly training our sales team with tools and skills necessary to be competitive in the current market.
One of the major challenges in retaining our No.1 position in Iris has been the frequent attritions among our dealer team especially in Malabar region. Drona training has been very effective in grooming the constantly changing team for various challenges in the market. Centum Learning has been very persuasive and adaptive in their approach towards coaching my team which comprises of a mix of both senior and junior members at the dealerships.
Also, I could now convince the dealers about the need and requirement for 100% Drona trained sales team and after attending a training session, they agreed to implement the same. "

Together we can make the Best Sales Team!

Vinu Jose

Territory Sales Manager - SCV (P)

"The training session conducted by Centum Learning has provided us with opportunities through which we can develop and work in a cohesive environment and together achieve our goals as one team."

K.K. Aggarwal

Executive Vice President, Head - Corporate Planning & Branding
IFFCO-Tokio General Insurance

"The entire session was very interactive and captivating, our team is now aligned with one goal, which will help them to work in a cohesive manner."

Ramesh Kumar

Executive Vice President, Head - HR & Training
IFFCO-Tokio General Insurance

"We express our thanks to you for providing manpower for our company. The two recruitment camps at ACC, Kymore turned out to be very fruitful. Your entire team is very co-operative and we express our sincere gratitude for making it a success. Hoping the same will continue in future."

Ajay Sharma

VArdhman Fabrics

"The programme "Together we can" organised by Centum Learning was very effective and fruitful in bringing the entire top management at one platform. It channelized our energies towards fulfilling one goal of meeting the organisation's vision and working as a team. It was a very effective exercise.."

H.O. Suri

Director - Marketing, IFFCO-Tokio General Insurance

"We are extremely thankful to Centum Learning for partnering ACC Limited in implementation of CSR initiatives. Centum Skill Development Centres established in partnership with ACC across the north region are operating successfully, whereby 80% of those being trained are also getting placed in leading organisations. "

Pratyush Panda

Regional Head- CSR
North Region
ACC Limited

"I have worked overseas on various projects; even in Tokyo we didn’t have this kind of training programme for the top management. Centum has done a great job and the programme worked a well in bringing the team together by making us a part of various team bonding activities."

Ichiro Maeda

Director - Operations, IFFCO-Tokio General Insurance

"The innovative training sessions helped infuse the Top Performers spirit in the team. Power packed activities orchestrated by Centum Learning experts ensured 100% engagement throughout the programme. "

Anuj Mathur

CFO & Company Secretary
Canara HSBC OBC Life Insurance Company Ltd

"The programme was brilliant in design and execution! I would say it met all objectives we had set out to achieve."

Biswarup Goswami

Chief of Human Resources
Emaar MGF

"The process manual devised by Centum Learning experts is highly elaborate and would help us in many ways."

Rahul Chopra

Vice President
Everest Industries Ltd.

"We are amazed to see the level of understanding of our business, which Centum Learning experts have displayed during the project. We are keen to work together with them again in the near future."

Gaurav Munjal

OE & Quality
Bharti Airtel Ltd.

"Centum Learning has helped us accomplish the critical task of aligning our employees with SOPs. Their structured approach to process deployment has translated to remarkable improvement in the operations across the circle."

Soumen Bhattacharyya

Corporate TQM Head
VIOM Networks

"The training workshop conducted recently by Centum Learning for our senior doctors was an ultimate success. The participants obtained a renewed sense of confidence from the training programme. The training has served to equip the doctors with skills to communicate their ideas and concerns which would help us implement innovative strategies to enhance hospital services. We thank Centum Learning for sheer professionalism and commitment in delivering the training programme."

Dr. N K Pandey

Chairman & Managing Director
Asian Institute of Medical Sciences, Faridabad

"The Supertech Learning Academy, established in partnership with Centum Learning is a strategic step towards achieving significantly improved customer experience. I am happy to share that the whole initiative has already started bearing fruits with customer service improving significantly and we look forward to the Academy creating a noticeable difference in the way customer service is delivered in the real estate sector."

Mohit Arora

Supertech Limited

"The need for establishing a 'AMW Way of Selling' was envisaged to strengthen the AMW sales culture and we partnered with Centum Learning to leverage its expertise in the automobile domain.

A Need Identification Study was conducted to develop a concrete foundation and was followed by customization of learning content. The trainers acted as coaches, provided their expert inputs and demonstrated such passion and commitment that AMW now feels Centum Learning is an integral part of its journey for achieving sales excellence. The programmes have created profound impact on participants, helped them to discover the AMW Way of Selling and were extremely relevant. We are thankful to Centum Learning in creating such a wonderful experience in the first go."

Sateesh. V. Shet

DGM - Learning & Organisation Development
Asia MotorWorks

"This would be the first ever joint venture at NSDC and is a unique model of co-operation between the private sector, Central Ministries and the NSDC. It should serve as a beacon for other private sector companies to set up large training projects that would benefit millions of youth nationwide."

Dilip Chenoy


"Centum Learning will provide training and support us in making our employees and company more customer oriented. It will also help us in making our brand the most loved brand in Africa. I am sure that our customers will feel the positive impact of these trainings."

Manoj Kohli

CEO (International Business) & Joint Managing Director
Bharti Airtel Limited

"As we expand on the global stage with a new brand identity giving us the opportunity to present a single, powerful and unified face to our customers, partners and external stakeholders - it is important for us that we have a committed workforce to take our vision forward. Partners like Centum Learning play a key role in helping us develop a talented workforce who will energize, inspire and direct us for our next stage of growth by enriching the lives of millions."

Sanjay Kapoor

CEO - India & South Asia
Bharti Airtel Limited

“As a company, we are young, dynamic and are constantly looking to grow. Resting on our laurels is not an option. We are always looking for ways to improve and better the experience we offer our customers. Keeping this in mind, we decided to partner with Centum Learning who has a proven record with regards to what we are trying to achieve. I am confident that the Matrix Learning Academy will help us to continuously set benchmarks for customer service and be the differentiator in helping us outgun competition.”

Arun Batra

Matrix Cellular International Services Pvt. Ltd

"CPCL's CSR objectives focus on the sustainable development of the society for which we have provided skill training & placement to youth who belong to Tiruvallur District of Tamil Nadu, where our company is located. Centum Learning Limited deserves special appreciation from us because they have done their job in a well organized & professional manner."

S. Veeraswamy

Chief Manager (Administration)
Chennai Petroleum Corporation Limited

"Intervention by Centum Learning is helping us to achieve this goal by deploying appropriate learning and coaching interventions. I am certain that the project will go a long way in enhancing productivity and skill sets of our sales and marketing executives."

Madan Gopal Banga

Sanchar Limited

"Thank you for the cooperation extended to us in hiring the right people from Bharti Walmart Training Centre. It is a laudable effort on your part to provide industry oriented training which equips people with knowledge of the retail business."

Rajneesh Jain

Asst. Manager HR & Admin
HyperCity Retail India

"The coaching programme implemented for IKSL UP team is proving very beneficial. Not only is the productivity of the trained SMEs improving month on month, their performance vis a vis other SMEs is also showing vast improvement."

Jagdeep Sethi

Sales & Marketing Head
IFFCO Airtel

"In the realm of today's threat landscape, it is imperative to make our organization resilient and prepare for tomorrow's challenges. With the launch of Shield Force programme in association with Centum Learning, we wish to enhance the security culture in the organization besides ensuring a sustainable security system. Shield Force will be a key strategic tool to foster organisational success and achieve competitive dominance."

Jai Menon

Technology & Customer Service
Bharti Airtel Limited and Group CIO

"Delhi University is known for its leadership in developing and implementing innovative methods to increase student employability. Our collaboration with Centum Learning, which has vast experience in people development and training in the telecom space, will help students acquire necessary skills and explore employment opportunities available across telecom companies."

Dr. Savita Datta

Campus of Open Learning
Delhi University

"Centum Learning has been able to understand the finer nuances of the financial product range and has delivered a customised programme called ‘Success in Action’ for our distributors. It has been found to be very useful with almost all our distributors rating it as one of the better interactive workshops they have attended in recent times."

Vikaas M Sachdeva,

Country Head Business Development
Bharti AXA Investment Managers

"Empowering and enabling our frontline at every customer touch point is one of our key strategies to enhance Customer Experience significantly. The learning solutions, developed by Centum Learning are playing a critical role in translating this into reality."

Rahul Gupta,

Chief Service Officer
Mobile Services
Bharti Airtel Limited, Africa

"Great work and effort. This is exactly what we need as a company, that the GM & SM of the dealership appreciate, understand and focus on the hard work Tata Motors and our trainers has put into the field. Great going."

Felix Jose,

Manager-Business HR
Tata Motors Limited


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