Success Stories

Unleashing Africa’s Growth Through Youth
Peter Mutuku, Nairobi, Kenya

Africa is undergoing rapid transformation as it gets poised for remarkable economic growth. And the key to unleash the continent’s potential is its talented youth. In the Knowledge Economy it is crucial that Africa’s youth are empowered to be a part of nation building. Centum Learning is doing just that - equipping Africa’s key resource to excel in the race towards development.

Peter Mutuku, Territory Manager for Airtel in Nairobi knew that sheer hard work was not enough for success. He needed to be organized and thoroughly updated about the products he sold. Centum Learning’s training programme proved a boon.

Peter received training from Centum Learning and he is a changed individual today. His performance has peaked on the job, and he says, "The role-specific training provided by Centum Learning along with on-the-job coaching that I received helped tremendously. I have learnt how to demarcate territories, understood what a low cut is and how to get in new distributors, among other things. Today, I participate in discussions on ROI with my current and prospective channel sales partners more confidently".

He adds that Centum Learning should continue with these programmes across the company as the training and coaching would greatly support new candidates, who join as Territory Sales Managers.

Centum Learning through its well-researched and structured training programme has not only helped Peter enhance existing skills but also provided him with new skill-sets that will help this youngster create a brighter and successful future.

"Now I am able to participate in business discussions with my current and prospective channel sales partners more confidently"


Giving Wings to Dreams
Meenakshi Kumari, New Delhi

Meenakshi Kumari, New DelhiIn the hustle bustle of the an international airport it is easy to overlook this smiling lady who works with brisk efficiency. Meet Meenakshi, who dared to dream big and achieved it with a little help.

As a child, she waved goodbye to airplanes flying in the sky but never did this class IX pass-out imagine that one day she would work at a leading international airport. Though she started working as a cleaner, Meenakshi climbed her way up to becoming a housekeeping supervisor. Getting selected for promotion was a huge achievement considering that only 1-2 employees get picked each year. A woman of integrity, Meenakshi recounts how she found a bag containing 1,00,000 Euros while working at a Terminal which she immediately reported to senior authorities. Her prompt action and presence of mind was highly appreciated and she received a certificate of excellence.

With a charming smile and a giggle, Meenakshi says, "I feel very proud when someone appreciates me; it is a moment of honour. There are times when my mistakes are also pointed out, but I ensure that I never repeat those."

All this was possible because of training programmes conducted by Centum Learning in partnership with the airport authorities through an exclusive joint learning academy. Meenakshi avers, "What I would have learnt in many years, my mentors taught me in days. My self-esteem has received a boost and I now know the path ahead of me."

"Once I found 0.1 million Euros, but I returned the money to the security people. For this act of integrity, I was rewarded with a Certificate of Excellence."


Calling Right...
Shweta Grover, New Delhi

Shweta Grover, New DelhiSwitching careers and industries mid-stream is difficult and getting recognition even more so. But for Shweta Grover, timely intervention has made both these things possible. After working in a semi-technical process at IBM, Shweta decided to try her hands at something new. She joined in the insurance department of a bank only to realize she knew nothing about insurance or handling customer calls.

The training offered by Centum Learning helped her understand customer interaction, rapport building and problem solving. Shweta’s confidence is palpable as she narrates "my calls became crisp and I started building rapport with our clients. I found that clients opened up to me, making it easier for me to resolve issues or get required details just over a simple telephonic chat."

Centum Learning’s training made Shweta a star performer increasing her confidence manifold. Her calls have become a model example and are played during training. Her clients’ appreciation has earned her 20 percentage extra points on her value card on which her performance would be evaluated. Handling clients was usually difficult for Shweta, but training and positive feedback made it a breeze.

"I was new to insurance and did not understand the products being sold or the quality parameters. All this changed after I received training from Centum Learning."


In Love with Grand Auto
Nitesh Soni, Rajasthan

Vijay Singh Chauhan, RajasthanNitesh Soni, a graduate from Jaipur has humble dreams - "a good job, my own house and great earnings."

And even though he has worked with big brands like Sony India, Philips, ICICI and HDFC, his passion for the automobile sector led him to join Tata Motors as a valuator of pre-owned cars. "I love dealing with pre-owned sales & purchase of automobiles," he says, hence prospects of greater monetary benefits have not tempted him to change the industry he loves. His resolve to continue in the automobile sector has been strengthened after attending – DRONA, a training programme from Centum Learning. "The Carculator programme from Centum Learning was extremely beneficial as it taught me important aspects about my job including team management, professionalism, how to check a car and how to evaluate the car."

Nitesh now handles a team of eight and is firmly set on his chosen career path. He has a message for all those who dream... “If you want to move ahead in life then continue to pursue your dreams with diligence and never look back at failures. Be patient to taste the sweet fruit of destiny and believe that your day will definitely come”.

"Whatever happens, whichever opportunity comes my way, I simply don’t want to move away from auto sector. With limited aspirations, I want to be successful in my chosen field"


Sky is the Limit When Hopes are High
Vijay Singh Chauhan, Rajasthan

Vijay Singh Chauhan, RajasthanGod bless the company which provided a job to my son and made him independent" cries an overwrought mother whose younger son got a job after receiving sector specific skills from Centum Learning.

Dreams and aspirations are not limited to urban India alone. There are millions of youth in small towns and cities across India that hope for a decent living and a good lifestyle. Kota’s Vijay Singh Chauhan is one such.

Vijay lost his father at an early age, and despite having an older brother, the responsibility of supporting the family fell on his shoulders. However, after completing class XII exams Vijay lost all hopes of finding a job due to lack of communication and computer skills.

After enrolling in Centum Learning’s Course for Call Centre Executives under STAR scheme, Vijay got a job which entails resolving computer-related issues. Today, Vijay speaks fluent English and interacts with US-based clients. Each day is a revelation for him as he helps clients fix tech problems, when earlier he could not even switch on a computer.

Centum Learning rolled out Standard Training Assessment & Reward (STAR) project under National Skill Certification & Monetary Reward Scheme and has trained more than 8500 youth this far.

Vijay’s younger brother Dilip Singh Chauhan is inspired and has enrolled in the same training programme. Vijay says, "I hope someday my brother will fluently speak in English too".

"I feel good that I can speak English. I talk to clients from USA and solve their computer related problems, when I myself had never used computer prior to my training from Centum Learning."

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