Success Stories

Unleashing Africa’s Growth Through Youth
Peter Mutuku, Nairobi, Kenya

Africa is undergoing rapid transformation as it gets poised for remarkable economic growth. And the key to unleash the continent’s potential is its talented youth. In the Knowledge Economy it is crucial that Africa’s youth are empowered to be a part of nation building. Centum Learning is doing just that - equipping Africa’s key resource to excel in the race towards development.

Peter Mutuku, Territory Manager for Airtel in Nairobi knew that sheer hard work was not enough for success. He needed to be organized and thoroughly updated about the products he sold. Centum Learning’s training programme proved a boon.

Peter received training from Centum Learning and he is a changed individual today. His performance has peaked on the job, and he says, "The role-specific training provided by Centum Learning along with on-the-job coaching that I received helped tremendously. I have learnt how to demarcate territories, understood what a low cut is and how to get in new distributors, among other things. Today, I participate in discussions on ROI with my current and prospective channel sales partners more confidently".

He adds that Centum Learning should continue with these programmes across the company as the training and coaching would greatly support new candidates, who join as Territory Sales Managers.

Centum Learning through its well-researched and structured training programme has not only helped Peter enhance existing skills but also provided him with new skill-sets that will help this youngster create a brighter and successful future.

"Now I am able to participate in business discussions with my current and prospective channel sales partners more confidently"


Giving Wings to Dreams
Meenakshi Kumari, New Delhi

Meenakshi Kumari, New DelhiIn the hustle bustle of the an international airport it is easy to overlook this smiling lady who works with brisk efficiency. Meet Meenakshi, who dared to dream big and achieved it with a little help.

As a child, she waved goodbye to airplanes flying in the sky but never did this class IX pass-out imagine that one day she would work at a leading international airport. Though she started working as a cleaner, Meenakshi climbed her way up to becoming a housekeeping supervisor. Getting selected for promotion was a huge achievement considering that only 1-2 employees get picked each year. A woman of integrity, Meenakshi recounts how she found a bag containing 1,00,000 Euros while working at a Terminal which she immediately reported to senior authorities. Her prompt action and presence of mind was highly appreciated and she received a certificate of excellence.

With a charming smile and a giggle, Meenakshi says, "I feel very proud when someone appreciates me; it is a moment of honour. There are times when my mistakes are also pointed out, but I ensure that I never repeat those."

All this was possible because of training programmes conducted by Centum Learning in partnership with the airport authorities through an exclusive joint learning academy. Meenakshi avers, "What I would have learnt in many years, my mentors taught me in days. My self-esteem has received a boost and I now know the path ahead of me."

"Once I found 0.1 million Euros, but I returned the money to the security people. For this act of integrity, I was rewarded with a Certificate of Excellence."


Calling Right...
Shweta Grover, New Delhi

Shweta Grover, New DelhiSwitching careers and industries mid-stream is difficult and getting recognition even more so. But for Shweta Grover, timely intervention has made both these things possible. After working in a semi-technical process at IBM, Shweta decided to try her hands at something new. She joined in the insurance department of a bank only to realize she knew nothing about insurance or handling customer calls.

The training offered by Centum Learning helped her understand customer interaction, rapport building and problem solving. Shweta’s confidence is palpable as she narrates "my calls became crisp and I started building rapport with our clients. I found that clients opened up to me, making it easier for me to resolve issues or get required details just over a simple telephonic chat."

Centum Learning’s training made Shweta a star performer increasing her confidence manifold. Her calls have become a model example and are played during training. Her clients’ appreciation has earned her 20 percentage extra points on her value card on which her performance would be evaluated. Handling clients was usually difficult for Shweta, but training and positive feedback made it a breeze.

"I was new to insurance and did not understand the products being sold or the quality parameters. All this changed after I received training from Centum Learning."


In Love with Grand Auto
Nitesh Soni, Rajasthan

Vijay Singh Chauhan, RajasthanNitesh Soni, a graduate from Jaipur has humble dreams - "a good job, my own house and great earnings."

And even though he has worked with big brands like Sony India, Philips, ICICI and HDFC, his passion for the automobile sector led him to join Tata Motors as a valuator of pre-owned cars. "I love dealing with pre-owned sales & purchase of automobiles," he says, hence prospects of greater monetary benefits have not tempted him to change the industry he loves. His resolve to continue in the automobile sector has been strengthened after attending – DRONA, a training programme from Centum Learning. "The Carculator programme from Centum Learning was extremely beneficial as it taught me important aspects about my job including team management, professionalism, how to check a car and how to evaluate the car."

Nitesh now handles a team of eight and is firmly set on his chosen career path. He has a message for all those who dream... “If you want to move ahead in life then continue to pursue your dreams with diligence and never look back at failures. Be patient to taste the sweet fruit of destiny and believe that your day will definitely come”.

"Whatever happens, whichever opportunity comes my way, I simply don’t want to move away from auto sector. With limited aspirations, I want to be successful in my chosen field"


Sky is the Limit When Hopes are High
Vijay Singh Chauhan, Rajasthan

Vijay Singh Chauhan, RajasthanGod bless the company which provided a job to my son and made him independent" cries an overwrought mother whose younger son got a job after receiving sector specific skills from Centum Learning.

Dreams and aspirations are not limited to urban India alone. There are millions of youth in small towns and cities across India that hope for a decent living and a good lifestyle. Kota’s Vijay Singh Chauhan is one such.

Vijay lost his father at an early age, and despite having an older brother, the responsibility of supporting the family fell on his shoulders. However, after completing class XII exams Vijay lost all hopes of finding a job due to lack of communication and computer skills.

After enrolling in Centum Learning’s Course for Call Centre Executives under STAR scheme, Vijay got a job which entails resolving computer-related issues. Today, Vijay speaks fluent English and interacts with US-based clients. Each day is a revelation for him as he helps clients fix tech problems, when earlier he could not even switch on a computer.

Centum Learning rolled out Standard Training Assessment & Reward (STAR) project under National Skill Certification & Monetary Reward Scheme and has trained more than 8500 youth this far.

Vijay’s younger brother Dilip Singh Chauhan is inspired and has enrolled in the same training programme. Vijay says, "I hope someday my brother will fluently speak in English too".

"I feel good that I can speak English. I talk to clients from USA and solve their computer related problems, when I myself had never used computer prior to my training from Centum Learning."


Youth: The Ace up Africa’s Sleeves
Dominic Musili, Nairobi, Kenya

Dominic Musili, Nairobi, KenyaLife is like a game of cards. You are never aware of all the cards, and only the one who knows how to use his set of cards, wins the game. Africa has several good cards in the form of natural and other resources but the ace up its sleeves is its youth.

Dominic Musili is one such case. However, in absence of any guidance, life became difficult for him. When he joined Airtel, he was an introvert and this aspect of his personality was his biggest barrier to growth. But, today, he says, "after attending training from Centum Learning, I have become a more confident and an outgoing individual only because I know my job much better now and that helps me connect better with my customers".

He further thanks Centum Learning for motivating him and providing an opportunity to improve himself as an individual. He says, "when we have complex issues with customers, we ask her (the coach) to intervene and she, after her own research, gives us the information we need and guides us through the problem. This support really helps us perform our duties better and excel in the career we have chosen for ourselves."

"I have become more confident and an outgoing individual because now I know my job and can connect better with my customers".


Exploring New Horizons
Reena Louis, Madhya Pradesh

Reena Louis, Madhya PradeshA good reputation for teaching, an ideally located school, dedicated teaching staff and good student strength. What more could a principal want? For Reena Louis, Principal of MGM School, Hoshangabad this was not enough. She knew there was more she could do to make her institution of learning a force to contend with and the most desired school in the city.

Reena heard about Effective School Management and Leadership Programme that was being conducted in Delhi. She knew this was her chance to realize her dreams. She attended the programme conducted by Centum Learning.

The programme expanded her horizon by teaching her new methodologies and pedagogy. “The programme was a great way to collaborate with principals from different cities. It broadened my view. I have become more flexible when it comes to decision making. After the training, I have also started conducting team building activities for the staff. Now, not just me, but my team of teachers addresses students in the morning assembly."

A person who accepts knowledge at any age can always be successful. Truly, this is what has happened to Reena Louis and her desire to make her school the best.

"My perspective changed and I started accepting new things".


Professional Knowledge for Peace of Mind
Manoj Jaiswal, Uttar Pradesh

Manoj Jaiswal, Uttar PradeshA good job, a happy married life and peace of mind are a rare combination but for 28-year old Manoj Jaiswal, a Regional Territory Manager for Airtel, this is a reality, thanks to his enhanced skill sets and hands-on professional knowledge. Even six years of work experience was not enough to cope with the tremendous pressure that Manoj faced when Airtel Money was launched. A constant stream of queries from junior team members about the new product and uncertainty from distributors and retailers about how it operated and unease in pitching it to end-customers added to the stress.

Timely intervention in the form of training from Centum Learning set things right. Through this training Manoj increased his product knowledge that cleared his doubts and helped him field team queries and deal effectively with external stakeholders.

"I am once again excited about my work. I have clarity about the product and how to pitch it correctly. I am able to focus on my work better as queries from distributors have reduced. Now I finish work early and reach home to spend some quality time with family".

Today, Manoj’s team is performing well and is No.1 in his zone

"The training helped me maintain my work-life balance".


With Greater Grit Comes Greater Glory
Kamles, New Delhi

Kamles, New DelhiHers is the story of most women in small towns of India: married at a tender age and an incomplete education. Meet Kamles. Married at 16 and a grade seven pass out, she has two grown up children. Yet she nurtures big aspirations: a promotion, a better paying job and a dream to study further.

Working at a leading international airport Kamles’ journey began as a cleaner. Ten years on, she works in the housekeeping department and all this became possible because of her work ethics – ‘Imaandaari aur Zimmedaari,’ meaning Honesty and Responsibility.

Kamles takes pride in her work. “Our airport is our pride. We should perform our duties with dedication. I do my work with perfection even when there is no supervisor around,” she beams happily recounting the accolades she has received over the years. “I received a certificate and my story was published in a magazine,” she says.

She is grateful to the training academy run jointly by Centum Learning and the airport authorities, which taught her the importance of self-grooming and interpersonal skills. “I have frequently taken training at the academy. I have never received any complaints about my performance or appearance.” Passengers have appreciated her work and frequently commended her to supervisors.

Kamles does not want to stop at this. She has enrolled herself in classes again and plans to complete her studies.

"The training helped me maintain my work-life balance".


Not a Robot Anymore
Dishant Tirath, Gurgaon

Dishant Tirath, GurgaonGood Morning! How may I help you?

Endless conversations of this sort made life robotic for a call center executive, Dishant! Everything was scripted, at times, even the rebuttals. Tired of such monotonous and lifeless talk with customers, he decided it was time for a change.

Dishant realized that what was required was a change in approach which would not only win him clients but enhance his monthly scorecard.

He found the right solution through behavioral training conducted by Centum Learning at his workplace. After the training, the first change he noticed was his approach, not just in professional matters, but also in his personal life.

No longer does Dishant have boring conversations with customers. Instead he wins their trust through thoughtful assistance without irritating them by asking unnecessary details.

At home too, Dishant has changed for the better. He says, “Now when my kids complain, instead of scolding them I make them analyze on their own, how their behavior was wrong. This approach, in fact, is making them more responsible as they are able to gauge their behavior and act correctly.”

Soft-skills training has enhanced Dishant’s performance both at home and office. "My scorecards have been displaying better outcomes for me. It is a win-win situation on both professional and personal front.

"The training helped me break the monotony of conversation with clients who call the bank for some advice or clarifications".


When the Universe Conspired!
Deepa Advani, Rajasthan

Deepa Advani, RajasthanJaipur-born Deepa Advani, Masters in Sociology, never dreamt that she would work in the automobile sector as a team leader in the sales department. Married and with an eight-year old daughter, she worked as a cashier in a pharmacy but with the support of her family she switched careers, joining Maruti Suzuki as part of the sales team.

The automobile sector was extremely challenging and with family responsibility, it was difficult for Deepa to strike a balance. But her life changed for the better after she attended DRONA, a training programme conducted by Centum Learning.

"In this sector, I can even be slightly ignorant about my own car brand, but I cannot afford to miss any news on competitive brands. DRONA helped me understand the automobile industry and changed my approach to sales. It made me understand what caused stress professionally and helped me gain control," says a relieved Deepa, who manages her team with ease now compared with the angst earlier.

Today, she is content at being able to manage sales like a manager without even doing an MBA. Indeed, the universe has truly conspired for her success.

"I entered the auto sector by chance, but fell in love with it. There are not many women in the field I am in, but I have always been interested in this sector".


No Full Stop to Knowledge
Sushil Kumar, Rajasthan

Sushil Kumar, RajasthanWho doesn’t value recognition? It was a great feeling for Sushil Kumar, Principal of Apex Public School in Bhadra, Rajasthan, when his school received CBSE affiliation. But the journey ahead was not as simple. Everything was target oriented, from syllabus to application of CCE method of teaching to even leading teachers.

It was back to school for Sushil, who attended the Effective School Management & Leadership programme organized by Centum Learning in partnership with CBSE in New Delhi. He says, “My perspective changed after training. I started learning new methods of teaching. I sent my teachers to get trained for CCE method of evaluation giving them the freedom to experiment and implement new methods of teaching.”

The school initiated projects for students in winter break allowing students to utilize their time fruitfully and open new horizons of learning.

According to Sushil, his decision making abilities were enhanced after the programme and he now deals with parents more confidently.

Indeed it was a road less travelled for Sushil Kumar, but some effort, hard work and right guidance has made him realize his dream of making his school a better abode of knowledge.

"My confidence and decision making abilities have increased substantially".


From Unemployed to Unlikely Hero
Rajeev Bairwa, Bihar

Rajeev Bairwa, BiharLife was not easy for Rajeev Bairwa, an uneducated and unemployed youth from Gaya in Bihar. Rajeev’s village is like any other rural area in India with sparse electricity or access to modern technology. How then could a youth hope for a better life when each passing day was a struggle to find suitable employment and a decent living?

Fortunately for Rajeev, Centum Learning was not far away. He was one among the lucky few who got selected for training at Centum Skill Development Center changing his life forever. Today, Rajeev works at Navabharath Fertilizers in Jagdishpur. He is an agro consultant counseling farmers on use of fertilizers. Rajeev has learnt to operate computers and is the only person in his village with this skill set

"My confidence has been restored. Centum Learning has changed my life. After I received training from Centum Learning, I was placed in Navabharath Fertilizers where I was productive from the very first day. There are challenges but my life has certainly improved and my dreams are finally beginning to materialize," says a proud Rajeev. His mother is even more proud and exclaims, "Since he started earning, our living standards have improved and we don’t struggle for basic necessities as we did before. We have high hopes from him." Truly, Rajeev is a hero for youth in his village and Centum Learning the savior for hundreds of youth like him around the country.

I dare to dream again. My life has improved and my dreams are finally beginning to materialize."


Healing life...
Mukesh Kumar, Ludhiana, Punjab

When it rains, it pours. And it was pouring trouble. Mukesh Kumar, standing tall and lanky in his clean (albeit a little loose) shirt and pair of trousers talks about trouble without a hint of emotion. Like one would of a constant reality of life. We soon find out why. "My father was admitted in the hospital with a liver problem, his treatment cost Rs.900000." Sitting in his sparse house we wonder how his family could have afforded the treatment. "We had to sell off household items, to make ends meet. Took loans, and now we owe a lot of money." He offers, as if reading our mind.

With his previous employer shutting shop without paying Mukesh his dues, a young sibling studying in school, an ailing father, and mother working as a maid in households, it seemed that the thunderstorm in his life would take everything down. He then found out about Bharti Walmart Training Centre (managed and run by Centum Learning), where Mukesh underwent a short course in retail.

Post his training he was hired at a Best Price Modern Wholesale Store

Now Mukesh and his mother are able to meet the household expenses and re-possess something that is so integral to human survival. Hope.


Wishes do come true
Shabana Khan, Raisen, Madhya Pradesh

Shabana is a bit of a go-getter. A fighter. Maybe it has something to do with coming from a family of thirteen; contending with ten siblings to make space for herself in the family. Most people are content finding a job, earning a regular income and carrying on with what has been handed out to them by lady luck. Shabana does not belong to that group. With a B.A. degree from Bhopal University, Shabana was working with a telecom company. However, she was not satisfied with her role, as she wanted to do something more meaningful.

Something which would help her give back to society, something which would allow her to lead others towards leading a better life. So she quit her job and joined the course in Retail at Centum Skill Development Centre. Clocking 30 Kms everyday in order to attend the classes wasn’t a big deal for Shabana since she loved every aspect of the course and wouldn’t miss even a single session.

The hard work paid off when she was placed as a trainer at Give Education & Management Services.

"The best part of my job here is that I am able to apply whatever I have learnt and also am able to help others craft their own career. This is really exciting."


The Success Manual to an Auto
Sakina Begum, Chakarbhata, Chhattisgarh

The 'career' options for a girl belonging to a BPL family in a small town in India? Not very many. Coupled with the above, Sakina Begum had been able to study only till Class 8. All opportunities to earn coming her way involved cleaning for wealthier households in the vicinity. Not keen on taking up these jobs, Sakina had scant hope of being able to do anything else in life. Being able to do something more meaningful in life was to stay a dream. A dream that Sakina saw no way of turning true. Worrying continuously, she heard of a skill development course being run in the town through a friend. “What can a course do for an 8th class pass?” She was unimpressed.

The friend however was able to convince her to go the center, where Sakina was counseled. Deciding to take up a course in Retail Sales, she still remained scantily convinced of any real outcome. The course at Centum Skill Development Centre took her through the concepts of modern retail.

To her utter surprise, Sakina found employment as a Sales Representative for a well known cosmetics brand in a Mall.

For someone who’d never heard of a mall, being employed in a glitzy shopping center is nothing less than her own Cinderella story. Not content with just that, Sakina has bought an auto-rickshaw for her father and he too now earns a stable living. Enabling positive transformation…can you think of a better example?

"Not only did I find a career I also helped my father find gainful employment."


The Lone Ranger
Rajni Bala, Ludhiana, Punjab

A happy married life, with kids, a husband who carries out his duties as a provider without a sliver of inconsistency and loving in-laws. Sounds like the dream a lot of girls would have had, at some time in their lives. Rajni Bala was no different. However, life, as it so often does, refused to cooperate. Married after her graduation, Rajni was thrown into a life which can very well be described as the exact opposite of her dream. A husband hazed by intoxication, tyrannical in-laws and hardly any means to bring up two children. Finally, getting tired of the situation she left her inlaw’s house with her kids to live with her widowed mother. She was locked in a legal tussle with her husband and his family. But Rajni was no push over. She looked circumstances in the eye and decided to fight back. Upon hearing about Bharti Walmart Training Center (managed and run by Centum Learning), she immediately enrolled herself into a course there. What followed was 12 days of rigorous training relating to retail operations.

Upon graduation, she was hired in the capacity of a cashier at a Best Price Modern Wholesale Store.

Now she hopes to do really well in life & support her family. Doing well, is something that looks highly probable. "I won this badge and was rewarded for my performance", she says while pointing to a shiny piece of metal attached to her ID tag. And then smiles. The smile of a winner.

"I now earn enough to support myself and my two children. I have been able to establish myself because of this opportunity. I now want to do really well and support the rest of my family."


Love the job
Ajmal Hussain, Mangaldai, Assam

Cuz I don’t care too much for money… money can’t buy me love – The Beatles Maybe Sir Paul Mc Cartney feels a little differently about jobs being able to get one love. If he doesn’t, he should meet Ajmal Hussain. Ajmal is a 22 year old from Mangaldai in Assam. Coming from a family of six, Ajmal was unemployed till about six months ago. His father, a farmer, had a host of expectations from him. Stable employment being one of them. Also, Ajmal was in love with Maoni, and wanted to get married to her. However, which parent would like to marry their daughter off to a man who does nothing? All in all it wasn’t a great life to live. Then Ajmal heard about Centum Learning. Not wasting any time, Ajmal and six of his friends joined the retail course on offer. All seven found themselves their first jobs at Reliance Retail.

Six months of working at Reliance Trends, and Ajmal has already secured his first promotion and now earns Rs. 6000 per month as an Assistant Team Leader.

Maoni? Ajmal’s shy new bride? Yes. They got married in June 2012. Life for Ajmal might have just started looking up! Sustainable transformation just took on a whole new meaning… we think Sir Cartney would agree.

"At last I feel my life is moving in the right direction and I am very happy."


Trainee to Trainer
Amar Jyoti Das, Morigaon, Assam

Amar Jyoti’s journey with Centum Learning began in 2010 when the organisation began its first project in Assam. Coming from a small village of Morigaon in Assam, Amar Jyoti joined the center to undergo a 45 day training in order to find gainful employment at the end of the period.

The trainers at the center were so impressed with Amar Jyoti’s performance during the course, that they offered him the profile of a trainer upon graduating. He gladly accepted and there on began a two year long journey where Amar Jyoti has travelled from being a trainee to a senior trainer in charge of two Centum Skill Development Centers!

"I am proud of being able to affect the same change to other people’s lives as those affected in my life by Centum Learning. I am proud of being able to lift BPL families out of their poverty through imparting skills" says AmarJyoti. And Centum Learning is proud of its Amar Jyotis, for they make what’s most important possible. Sustainable Transformation.

"I am committed to building thousands of happy families through empowering youth in Assam."


Giving it back
Jagir Kaur, Ludhiana, Punjab

Jagir Kaur smiles a lot. People must wonder why… Sitting at home for six months post clearing her 12th Board exams, guilt had been gnawing at Jagir’s conscience. The thought of her father’s hard earned money being spent on her education in vain had been making her extremely uncomfortable. The fact of an unemployed elder brother not helping with supporting her family of six didn’t help ease her anxiety either. Here is where she decided to move out of her village and undergo a short course at Bharti

Employed at a Best Price Modern Wholesale Store after completion of the course, Jagir is on top of the world.

For people who wonder why Jagir smiles so much… It’s a smile of pride… a smile that people trained by Centum Learning sport so often.

"I support my family and manage my own expenses. In fact I am the first girl in the family who has moved out for being self dependent."


Securing a Future
Shivnath Kumar Kausariya, Chhattisgarh

"My name is Shivnath Kumar Kausariya and I am from a small village in Chhattisgarh". No name of the village. The word "small" almost sounding like a limiting factor, a bit of a disability. As if almost insisting on the contrast in his story. And a contrast it is. Shivnath would frequently travel to Raipur to look for work. Being the only earning member in his family, he would take up small jobs. No permanent income, no permanent status, nothing secure. "I ridiculed the news of a new training center opening at Anantpur. Who really gives jobs? They all come, promise and leave." However, as luck would have it, Shivnath decided to visit the Centum Skill Development Centre and give the course a go.

"I really liked going through the course. 12 years of school education had not provided the kind of knowledge that the trainers provided." Then pauses and adds with a shy smile, "It was amazing that we were provided with a travel allowance, and even food. The kind of food that I hadn’t even dreamt of eating at my own house".

Having finished the course, he was hired as a security guard with a monthly pay of Rs. 5000 .

"I was useless and helpless" he says, "now I feel confident of providing a bright future to my son. I always dreamt of enrolling him in a private school, and now thanks to Centum Learning, the dream has come true." From being a man without a job, to a supervisory guard, (yes, he got promoted too) he can't stop flaunting the fact that he has a bank account and an ATM card. The contrast in Shivnath's story is truly, remarkable.

"I was useless and helpless. Now I feel confident of providing a bright future for my son. I always dreamt of enrolling him in a private school, and now thanks to Centum Learning, the dream has come true."


Brothers in Arms
Durga Prasad Anand, Bilaspur, Chhattisgarh

Exactly how many times will thanking the organization, that gave you a rewarding career, be enough to express your gratitude? ‘Never enough’ seems to be Durga Prasad’s answer. Earning Rs. 1500 a month as a computer operator, Durga Prasad was barely able to manage his own expenses, leave alone pitch in towards the financial commitments of his family. Then, team Centum Learning on a mobilization drive happened to visit his house. A reluctant Durga Prasad was enrolled into a course on Retail.

He was placed at N-Mart (the very first interview he sat for) as a Customer Support Executive. Buoyed by his success Durga Prasad worked even harder and has now secured the position of a Cashier at the organization.

Earning Rs 6000 per month, he has an air of confidence about him. "My financial condition has vastly improved. Also, while I used to report into people earlier, I have people reporting into me now", he says and then continues to credit Centum Learning for the transformation yet again. "My elder brother also trained with Centum Learning and has been placed in a great job." It’s a little easier to understand the magnitude of gratitude expressed by Durga Prasad now. And we in turn are proud to have catalyzed the transformation in his life.

"Never ever thought I would reach where I have, in life."


Dream Catcher
Sandeep Kaur, Amritsar, Punjab

It’s a rare tribe of people who chase their dreams in life. It’s an even rarer tribe who manage to catch the dreams and live them. And then there are those who do so through adversity. Meet Sandeep Kaur. She works as a counselor at Amritsar’s Bharti Walmart Training Center, which is managed and run by Centum Learning. Sandeep belongs to a family of five. "My father’s income was not enough to meet the expenses of the family. I joined a call center, even though I did not like working there one bit." Sandeep wanted to do something more meaningful in life than reading out answers from a script day in and day out. However, she worked in a call center for four years before being told about the Bharti Walmart Training Center. It didn’t take her long to enroll herself in a course.

She was finally placed as a counselor at Bharti Walmart Training Center itself.

"I love my new job. There are new experiences to learn from everyday. I am the first girl… no… the first person in my family to be working with a well known brand and in a good position." What’s truly heartwarming, however, is that she wants to spend most of what she earns towards her younger brother, and put him through college. “It will be a dream come true". No Sandeep, make that two.

"I love my new job. There are new experiences to learn from everyday. I am the first girl… no… the first person in my family to be working with a well known brand and in a good position."


Daddy's Girl
Junumoni Deka – Mangaldai, Assam

"My father works as a security guard in a private college …. Oh, and he sells seasonal fruits sometimes."

"How much does he make?" We ask.

"Rs.1000 a month" says Junumoni.

"How much do you make?"

"I make Rs.4600 a month at KFC."

"How old are you?"


Earning almost five times than the man who brought you in this world.. Making that amount when you are a 19 year old girl coming from a small town in India. Would you not consider it as somewhat an achievement? We do. Junumoni’s story is one of the thousands that are being told across parts of India. Stories of youngsters coming from less affluent sections of society, walking into a skilling project being run by Centum Learning. Getting trained, placed and thereby assuming the role of primary breadwinner. They are proud of themselves, their parents and families doubly so. That pride leaves us elated, to be able to affect such sustainable transformation in the lives of those who need it the most.

"I am proud to take on the role of a primary bread winner in the family at the age of 19."



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