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Skilling Solutions for Construction & Engineering

According to a survey conducted by a leading construction firm, it is expected that by 2025, the worldwide volume of construction output will grow by more than 70% reaching a whopping $ 15 trillion. It is also expected that a significant growth in the construction industry will emerge from markets in China, India, Africa and Indonesia.

The Indian construction industry employs around 45 million people, out of which 82.5% are unskilled workers, 10% skilled workers and the remaining are engineers, technicians, foremen and clerical staff. It is expected that about 83 million people would be employed in the construction sector by 2022. Therefore, the incremental human resource requirement between 2008 and 2022 would be about 47 million in this sector.

Likewise, in Africa, inadequate infrastructure along with industrial and urban growth over the recent years has led to increased government spending on development of infrastructure in key territories.

Skill Pyramid for the Construction Industry

Centum Learning’s Academy for Construction & Engineering Skills

Considering the demand for skilled workforce in this sector, Centum Learning has established Academy for Construction & Engineering Skills. This academy has engages Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) in collaboration with Sector Skills Council to establish Centers of Excellence (CoE) which are the hub for innovation and excellence in the sector. Over the years, Centum Learning has established multiple CoE across sectors like Telecom, Retail, Aviation, Banking, etc. These CoEs have provided leadership, and enabled sharing of best practices for learning & development initiatives.


Centum Learning's Center of Excellence in Construction & Engineering is equipped with state-of-the-art training facilities and conducive environment for learning and skills up gradation in the industry.

Centum Learning, in Collaboration with the National Construction Authority (NCA), Govt. of Kenya & Commonwealth Investment Corporation, UK has established a joint consortium to provide vocational training in the construction sector in Kenya to train, accredit and certify 20,000 youth as skilled construction workers.

The Academy for Construction & Engineering Skills offers following skilling programmes:

Table: Course Details

Course Name Eligibility Duration Modules Covered
Masonry Class V 8 Weeks
  • Physical inspection of basic building materials
  • Appropriate use of masonry tools
  • Construction of all types of brick walls with corner and T-junction
  • Safety practices and first-aid sensitization
Electrical Services Class VIII 8 Weeks
  • Safe use of electrical tools
  • Measurement of electrical units and electrical components
  • Electrical wire, joints and connections, crimping and soldering
  • Repair of all type of electrical home appliances
Plumbing Class V 8 Weeks
  • Plumbing tools and plumbing materials
  • Safety and occupational hazards
  • Housekeeping and material handling
  • Cementing and wall fitting
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These training programs are highly customized and are offered at either our academy, client location or at the project site (for semi-skilled & skilled workers as in the case of Highway & building construction). Centum Learning also provides skill up-gradation program such as finishing skills for site engineers and working professionals.


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